Requirements to Publishers

MGID Publisher program is designed for websites that have reached 3,000 or more unique daily visitors on a stable basis of the last 30 days (or 90,000+ visitors/month). Websites with social media traffic are accepted and tend to have a high performance by using MGID content-based ads.

MGID accepts all websites using Google AdSense and performs as a compatible solution.

If MGID publishers choose to use ads.txt on their domains, those publishers must ensure that they are included as authorized sellers of that inventory.

Prohibited types of websites:

  • Streaming websites
  • Torrent websites
  • Websites with low information value

A website approval/rejection message will be sent to the publisher’s main email within 24 hours after applying. Please note if the moderation date occurs on a weekend or holiday, moderation will be processed the next business day.