What widget formats do you have?

The variety of widgets allows our publishers to choose the one to their liking.

Under-article widget - the main widget that shows the best performance on most of the websites. 

In-article widget (impactmain or carousel subtype) - this is also one of the most popular widgets. The main subtype usually has more clicks than other subtypes, however, the results depend on many factors and have to be discussed individually.

Smart widget - the alternative to the under-article widget. High CTR, great user engagement, and many other advantages will prove the widget to be one of the best. 

Header widget - this widget was created for the header placement. May cause random clicks if used on websites with mostly mobile traffic. 

Sidebar widget - is placed in the sidebar of the website. On the mobile version, it is moved to the bottom of the page, so it is better to use Sidebar on websites with mostly desktop traffic. 

Mobile site widget - was created only for the mobile version of the website. May cause random clicks.

On-site notifications - the widget looks like Push notifications on the website. The capping and number of notifications can be set manually. Showed a good visibility rate and quite high CTR. 

If you need any recommendations on the widgets, you can always contact your account manager.