Widgets’ optimization

To get the highest result from our cooperation, we suggest placing 2-3 widgets on your website. 
Here are the best combinations of the widget types to use on your website if the majority of traffic comes from desktops:
under article + in-article: impact
smart widget + in-article: impact
smart widget + in-article: impact + sidebar

And if the majority of internet traffic comes from mobile devices please use the combination of three widgets:
 in-article: impact + smart widget  + header

Each widget's code should be inserted into your website only once.

To check the widget’s stats and placement on the website go to Action Tab > Widget stats:


Pay attention to the visibility rate of your widgets. Visibility rate (viewability) is a percentage of users who see a widget on the screen, as compared to the page loads.

  • This widget has extremely low visibility
  • This widget has low visibility
  • This widget has high visibility. 


If the widget’s visibility rate is low, please, change the placement of the widget to a higher position on your website. For example, if the widget is placed under the comments, put it above the comments section.

To check the website’s stats go to Action Tab > Statistics:

website_statsThere are different parameters that can be monitored (clicks by day, by country, by source, by device).