MGID widget implementation guide for Google DFP

Enter your DFP account and follow a few steps to run MGID ad code on your website through the DFP ad server.

1) Ad placement

Inventory → Ad units → New ad unit

Create an ad unit in DFP.

  • Set “size” to pixel size of your under article placement, for example, 800x250

  • Leave “placement” blank
  • Disable “AdSense inventory settings”


2) Add MGID code to DFP

Delivery → Order → New order → New line item

  • Inventory size “800x250”
  • Type → Network
  • Start time → Immediately
  • End time → Unlimited
  • Rate → 1 USD (or any other higher than $0.01). DFP uses this rate for Delivery priority options.dfp4
  • Add targeting → ad unit → choose the ad unit that you have created

dfp5After creating the order - click a green “Approve” button.

3) Add creative

Delivery → Orders

Click on your newly created and proceed with the “Add creatives” button.

  • Select “Third party”

  • Request your account manager ad unit size that matches ad placement size (800x250px as per example)

  • Insert MGID code into “Code snippet”


  • Click “Save”

4) Place code on a website

Inventory → Ad units

  • Select your ad unit with MGID tags

  • “Generate Tags”

  • Set “Collapse empty divs”

  • Grab both code parts from “Tag results” and place the codes under the article

Allow at least 60 minutes for DFP changes to apply. Ad code will start displaying on the site as soon as all settings will be verified and saved by DFP servers.