General Information and Technical Requirements for Internal Recirculation

In order MGID platform was able to grab articles, website pages should contain OpenGraph meta tags.

Internal Recirculation is a solution allowing publishers to increase session duration (Time on Site) and depth (PPV) by directing users to other engaging content on the site or any number of sites within their network, resulting in higher RPMs and increased user traction.


The main peculiarities of Internal Recirculation from MGID are:

  • discover your most engaging articles 
  • self-optimizing recommendation algorithm 
  • re-circulate traffic within multiple websites (Organize your websites into one network and distribute traffic within according to your needs)
  • adaptive presets and full customization

In order MGID platform was able to grab articles, website pages should contain OpenGraph meta tags.

Meta tags listed below are standards tags specified in the Open Graph protocol

Meta tags are required to be inserted right before the </head> code.

Obligatory meta tags


Enter the URL of the item as a canonical URL excluding any parameters you don’t need.

<meta property="og:url" content="og:url value">


The title of the article; this will be the title of the news in the widget 

Please be careful not to include the site name. 

<meta property="og:title" content="Feature: Internal Recirculation">


A short description of the article; this will be the description of the news in the widget 

<meta property = "og: description" content = "MGID’s advanced technique allows 
publishers to increase session duration ...">


The image that will be displayed in the widget. 

MGID recommends using an image with a size of 800x600 and 200 KB or less; please input the thumbnail address with CDN as much as possible. 

<meta property="og:image"



Date and time of publication of the article.

If “published_time” is not entered, the date of the news publication will be the data of the news creation. Pieces of news for internal recirculation are evaluated based on the published time so it is important to use this tag in order to show relevant and fresh news. 

 Enter the item creation date in the ISO 8601 format. 

<meta property = "article: published_time" content = "2019-11-04T21: 31: 01-05: 00" />

Recommended meta tags


Enter the category to which the item belongs. If the category structure is divided into secondary and tertiary, use section2 and section3. 

Please be careful not to include an internal classification code other than a category name.

<meta property = "article: section" content = "Blogging Tips" />

If you add secondary and secondary and tertiary categories

<meta property="article:section2" content="Blogging Tips 2 ">
<meta property="article:section3" content="Blogging Tips 3">

Video meta tags

For websites with video content, it is possible to cut video-previews and show them when you hover over the internal news in the widget.

The tag "og: video" is required. This is the link to the video file for slicing. A link to the video with the lowest quality possible should be inserted, preferably 240p.

<meta property = "og: video" content = "">

There are a few optional parameters that are needed in order to display additional information in the widget with a video-preview:

- Video duration "video-duration". Here you can specify the duration of the main video clip.

<meta name = "video-duration" content = "6:24">

The value of this field can be transmitted either in the 6:24 (minutes: seconds) format, or simply "384" seconds.

- Number of video views "video-views"

<meta name = "video-views" content = "3526886">

- User's video rating on the client's site "video-rate". Will be displayed as a percentage.

<meta name = "video-rate" content = "72">

Important: Data is collected only from those pages, where MGID ad unit (created for this domain) is placed.