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How to Create and Edit Ads in MGID Ads?

This article covers the process of creating and editing Ads (Creatives) in the MGID Ads system.

Create Ads

To create ads, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab.
  2. Click the +Create button.
  3. Select Ads from the drop-down list.


4. Fill in the following fields:

  • Campaign name: Will be common to all creatives. Choose a campaign name for creatives from the dropdown list. Select the campaign(s) where you want to create the ad.
  • Content URL: Specify the link to your landing page (product on your website) in this field with https://Create_and_Edit_Ads_2
  • Title: Enter a title that is short, catchy and specific to the product or service. Be creative, interesting and original. Avoid spelling mistakes. Do not use ALL CAPS or multiple exclamation marks.
  • Media: Select exciting and bright pictures. Choose an image that looks clear, even when reduced in size. Try to choose an image that fits your product and works with your advertising title and text. You could experiment with simple photo editor graphics to add a logo or SALE, but don’t overburden the advert.

Mind the requirements for media files:

  • Allowed formats are jpg, jpeg, png, mp4, mov, gif.
  • The minimum file size is 492x328 px (however  600х400 px is the optimal and desired image parameter)
  • Images must be up to 5 mb.
  • Videos and gifs must be up to 15 sec.


  • Description: Use this field for a detailed description of your product or service. You can specify discounts or special offers, unique benefits of goods and services, giving users another reason to convert clicks and purchases. Please note that the description won't be displayed in some widgets, so your title should make sense and convey the main idea without it.
  • Call to action: Select from the dropdown list. It could help increase conversions, sales and facilitates product promotion.


You can see the examples of how your ad will look on a website on the right side. Save your ad before starting the campaign.


Edit Ads

1. Navigate to the list of ads for the relevant advertising campaign by clicking on the campaign name.


2. Click Edit under the Ad Preview option. You can change the advertising link, adjust the product description and pricing information in the opening form.