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Setting Up CPC in MGID Ads

This article covers the CPC (Cost Per Click) flow in the MGID Ads system.

MGID operates on a pre-payment CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. You have the flexibility to set your desired CPC both at the campaign and ad level.

The configuration of your campaign's CPC is an important step during the campaign creation process. It takes place during the Budget and Limits stage, ensuring its accessibility and difficulty in overlooking.


Note 1. If your balance is in USD, the bid will be in USD cents.

Note 2. While a suggested range of CPC bids will be displayed alongside the Bid amount section, we recommend reaching out to your manager or utilizing our live chat feature to speak to an agent for more tailored advice. This way, you can obtain the most suitable bid amount based on your specific product and the current competitive landscape.

All ads added to the campaign will automatically inherit the campaign-level CPC you've set. If you need to adjust the CPC for a particular ad, navigate to the Ads interface and click on the CPC number to make the adjustments.