MGID Integration with Shopify (via webhooks)

MGID Settings

  1. In the MGID dashboard, to begin the process of setting up campaign tracking, click Create and then Campaign.


2. After filling out the Campaign setup and the Budget and limits sections, proceed to the Conversion tracking section. Then, click Postback.



3. Insert the following Event Name and then click Get Postback URL.
  • webhook_main  (for the main goal)



Two more goals can be added for additional conversions. Repeat the previous step and insert the following event names.

  • webhook_additional1 (for the additional goal 1)
  • webhook_additional2 (for the additional goal 2)
4. In the Tracking tags section, add the following macro.
  • sck={click_id}


Then, press save.

Shopify Settings

1. In the Shopify admin page, go to Configurações (Settings) and proceed to the Notificações (Notifications) section.



2. Click Criar Webhook (Create Webhook).


3. Choose the Event that you would like to track. In this example, the selected event is Pagamento de Pedido (Order Payment). Paste the URL provided from the MGID Dashboard and insert the vendor’s name at the end of the URL.

Then, select Mais Recentes (Most Recent) as the desired version of the Webhook API (Versão da API Webhook).


You are able to create three events with the provided postback URLs from the MGID Dashboard. Below is an example of configured events.

Event 1: Criação de Carrinho (Cart Creation)


Event 2: Criação de Checkout (Checkout Creation)


Lastly, contact your manager to perform test conversions and confirm that the tracking set up was successful.