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MGID Integration with Braip (via webhooks)

MGID Settings

  1. In the MGID dashboard, to begin the process of setting up campaign tracking, click Create and then Campaign.


2. After filling out the Campaign setup and the Budget and limits sections, proceed to the Conversion tracking section. Then, click Webhook.


3. Select a Vendor from the dropdown list.


4. Add the Event Name you want to give to the conversion step, and then click Get webhook URL


5. In the Tracking Tags block, {click_id} macro parameter will be added automatically based on the selected vendor. Do not change this parameter. However, you may add other desired macros from the list provided.


6. Copy and paste the generated Webhook link into your vendor’s account.


7. Publish the campaign or click Save Changes if you use Edit mode.

Braip Settings

1. In your Braip account, click Ferramentas (Tools). Next, click Postback.



2. Select Nova configuração (New Configuration) — this will open the postback configuration tab.


3. Paste the Webhook URL selected from the MGID dashboard and insert the vendor’s name at the end of the URL. Select the event that you’d like to track as the main event. For example, Pagamento Aprovado (Payment Approved) will track when payment has been approved.
  • https://a.mgid.com/postback/webhook?e=webhook_main&vendor=braip

Then, press Salvar (Save).

You are able to track two more additional events, simply select Nova Configuração (New Configuration), repeat the previous steps and add the following URLs with the vendor name at the end of the URL.

  • https://a.mgid.com/postback/webhook?e=webhook_additional1&vendor=braip
  • https://a.mgid.com/postback/webhook?e=webhook_additional2&vendor=braip

Lastly, contact your manager to perform test conversions and confirm that the tracking setup was successful.