User Account - Support in MGID Ads

This article describes the support you can receive when registering with MGID Ads.


MGID is an innovative global pioneer in digital advertising that drives revenue growth for all participants in the advertising ecosystem.

We provide a dedicated onboarding manager to each client to ensure a seamless experience. The manager’s goal is to guide the client through the dashboard interface and assist with launching ad campaigns most effectively.

Contacting Your Onboarding Manager

You will receive an introduction email upon registration with MGID Ads. The email will include your manager's contact information: email address, Skype and Telegram details.

In addition to your manager, MGID offers a live chat feature accessible from the main page of our dashboard. 

Our operators serve as a convenient and quick way to connect with a company representative. Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard to access this feature.


Onboarding Manager Assistance

The table below includes the key areas of responsibility that you can expect your onboarding manager to assist with.


Manager assistance

Product Selection

Your manager helps select the right product for your ad campaign based on the market, advises on the most suitable geographic location (GEO) and suggests the best funnel and ad approaches to maximize campaign results.

Tracking Integration

Your manager ensures smooth tracking integration. Tracking integration is a critical aspect of a successful ad campaign, so it is imperative that you complete this step correctly. Otherwise, it can impact the accuracy of campaign performance measurement. 

Ad Campaign Optimization

Your manager guides you in optimizing your ad campaign at both the placement and ad levels.

Creative Support and Moderation

Your manager helps you overcome any challenges you may face with passing ad moderation and assists with creatives. In addition, they can guide you in meeting compliance policies, arrange our Creative Department to design custom ads for you and provide successful examples from previous advertisers.


Your manager helps with processing payments, generating invoices for bank transfers and managing funds deposited for your campaigns.

Other Ad Campaign-Related Matters

All in all, your manager is your go-to person for anything campaign-related. Reach out to them for any queries or concerns you may have while running your campaign.