Thailand Safety Rankings - Medium

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Medium ranking encompasses ads that might be more aggressive, shocking in their nature and/or might be related to sexual subject matters.


Content, products, and ad design should comply with the local and international government regulations.

Content and products should not lead to anything from the following list:
- Brands and affiliates
- News and websites


Thumbnails can be less pixel-peepable. Photos may contain scary, peculiar, odd or bizarre yet not  disturbing imagery. For cases when the content is related to sexual subject matter, it still should exclude any hints of nudity, pornography or erotica. 

Headlines should be relevant, appropriate exaggeration is allowed.


Please avoid:

  • Disgusting concepts
  • Disturbing conditions
  • Thumbnails depicting both men women in an explicit way, implied nudity, erotica or pornographic photos
  • Demonstrating urinating, defecating
  • Thumbnails depicting additional elements like arrows and circles that incite misleading messaging and clickbait context to users
  • Use of medical costumes, correspondences from medical facilities, doctors, pharmacists, medical staff, health workers, etc. on thumbnails and headlines


It’s highly recommended to:

  • Provide users with the full set of Impressum (TOS, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact List)
  • Label advertorial and storytelling landing pages as an Advertisement or Advertorial
  • Add a note that advertorial is based on fiction and any similarity to real people, places, or events are purely coincidental


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