Test Conversion Flow in MGID Ads

Setting up conversion tracking is an essential part of campaign setup. After configuring your settings, the final step is to test if everything works properly.

Ensure all the required campaign configurations are in place, set up the event for conversion tracking, and then you can proceed with a test conversion.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Ads interface of the campaign you want to test. Click on the eye icon to perform the "Ads Preview" action.


2. Click on any ad from this interface and follow all the steps that your funnel requires.


You will see your test conversion here if everything is set up correctly. Please note that it may take up to 1 hour for the conversion to be reflected, and you will need to add “test conversion” to your dashboard view.

Note 1: It's crucial to perform the test by clicking on the URL from the preview display, not directly from the ads interface. In preview mode, the tracking parameter is adjusted for testing purposes, ensuring that the system recognizes this conversion as a test.


Note 2: If your product requires a final purchase or credit card submission, and you don't have a way to perform your tracking event without this step, you can ask your affiliate network to perform it for you. To do this, copy the link from the ad preview and share it with your affiliate manager.


3. If the conversion doesn't reflect, you need to troubleshoot the issue by reviewing all stages of the tracking setup. Don't hesitate to contact your manager at MGID to help you with that.