Reachmeter in MGID Ads

This article describes the Reachmeter functionality in the MGID Ads and how it helps to understand your campaign's available impressions.

Introduction to Reachmeter

Reachmeter is an innovative function within the MGID Ads platform designed to provide advertisers with an estimated range of daily viewable impressions. It offers a glimpse into the potential scale of the campaigns based on specific targeting settings. This tool empowers users to optimize their advertising strategies with precision and can significantly enhance campaign management.

Reachmeter allows you to:

  • Confirm Sufficient Scale: Verify that your campaign has the necessary reach to target your desired audience effectively.
  • Identify Potential Delivery Issues: Detect potential challenges in achieving your campaign’s desired reach early in the campaign lifecycle.
  • Plan Future Campaigns: Strategically plan future campaigns with a better understanding of potential reach and targeting constraints.

Reachmeter is located in the Campaign Creation/Editing Settings. As you alter your targeting settings, the reach estimates will update in real-time to reflect these changes.


Using Reachmeter in Ad Campaigns

Reachmeter estimates potential impressions by averaging historical data. This data is processed through mathematical models to project an average daily impression count for the specified period. When adjustments are made to your campaign's targeting options, Reachmeter dynamically recalculates the estimated daily impressions based on the new parameters. 

Please note that due to the large volume of data processed, updates to the displayed values might experience a slight delay of several seconds.

Reachmeter considers all campaign targeting parameters, excluding first-party data, to determine the estimated impressions.

Let’s review a practical example of how the Reachmeter works. If you are running a push campaign targeting mobile users aged 18-25 in Germany, Reachmeter will display an estimate that helps you visualize the potential reach of your campaign. The following visualization clearly explains how your targeting choices impact the estimated impressions.


To narrow reach, the user can adjust targeting in the campaign to more precise parameters. In this case, the Reachmeter will warn the user with a corresponding signal if the reach estimate decreases to 10k. 


Please note, that while Reachmeter provides a valuable forecast of available impressions based on your selected targeting, it does not guarantee specific campaign performance or outcomes.

To summarize, Reachmeter is an indispensable tool for advertisers aiming to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns. It provides a realistic preview of potential daily impressions based on historical data and current targeting settings, ensuring that your audience targeting is both effective and precise, maximizing campaign success.