General Information

MGID works with websites of all languages and provides ads in over 70 languages.

Websites with social media traffic are accepted and tend to have a high performance by using MGID content-based ads.

MGID does not work with websites that have bot traffic or use click-generating methods that are of non-human origin. Publishers that try to increase their earnings in such ways will be banned from the MGID platform with no further revenue refunds. There is no limitation on how many websites can be added to a single MGID account. However, it is prohibited to place more advertising than publisher-provided content.

If MGID publishers choose to use ads.txt on their domains, those publishers must ensure that they are included as authorized sellers of that inventory.

MGID is fully compatible with Google AdSense.

Prohibited types of websites: Streaming/Torrent/Websites with low information value.

A website approval/rejection message will be sent to the publisher’s main email within 24 hours after applying. Please note if the moderation date occurs on a weekend, moderation will be processed the next business day. Please review the main reasons why the moderation team may reject a website and what to do in order to pass the moderation process:

  • Low rating
    The minimum traffic requirement to cooperate with MGID is 3,000 unique visitors daily (or 90,000+ visitors per month). If you have already reached a sufficient amount, please contact our managers.
  • Illegal content download
    MGID does not accept websites that promote the illegal downloading of files, videos, programs, games, etc; streaming related websites, torrents, etc. If you have another content website, please add it to your account and we will be glad to begin our cooperation.
  • The website could not be reached
    This means that we cannot see the content because of some error. Please check the connection to the website, fix it, and email our managers.
  • Previous fraudulent activity
    Your website was rejected to participate in our monetization program due to previous fraudulent activity, not necessarily on this website but on any of the websites in your account that were blocked by our Quality Assurance Department. Further cooperation with your current account is limited due to the websites you currently have.
  • Pornographic or erotic content
    Due to our policy, MGID ads cannot be placed on webpages that have adult content or advertisement. If you are able to remove such content from your website or have other websites you would like to monetize with us, do not hesitate to contact us via email.
  • Redirects to another domain.

    This means that we cannot check the content of your website as it redirects to another web page. We recommend removing the redirect or adding a new website to your current dashboard account.

  • Low information value

    This means that your website does not have enough content information value to participate in the MGID Publishers program. Please make sure that you have at least 10 articles with up-to-date content and 3000 unique daily visitors on a stable basis before contacting our managers.

  • No content
    MGID does not accept websites without content. Your website should have at least 10 articles with relevant content and 3000 unique daily visitors on a stable basis. If you have another content website, add it to your account for moderation.