Motion Ads Tutorial

What is Motion Ads?


Motion ads is an ad format that uses looped animated images for product, content or service promotion. Motion ads have proven to drive better performance and higher conversion rates, this is why incorporating them into your advertising strategy may be a beneficial solution. 




You might want to check more examples by following this source.


Motion Ads Specs


While creating motion ads, the following specs should be kept in mind: 

Minimum Dimensions: 600x400 px.

Aspect Ratios: between 16:9 and 1:1 (best practice ratios are 16:9, 3:2 or 1:1)

Video Length: 15s.

GIF file size may not exceed 5 Mb.

Pixel Resolution: 1020x680 or higher

Format: GIF

In future iterations of this format we are going to add more features (MOV, MP4).

Where to get animated designs for your motion ads?


  • You can request assistance from your personal MGID manager or support team in live chat. We will make sure our customized designs help you in achieving your advertising goals;
  • You can create them by yourself (with the help of PhotoShop, Canva, Giphy etc.) or use the services of independent designers; 
  • You can purchase ready-to-use animated designs from photo banks.

We are working on creating motion ads tutorials and will present them to you shortly. Also, a multimedia center will be introduced soon, so you will be able to download the animated designs with ease. 


Compliance Rules


The compliance rules for motion ads coincide with the general compliance requirements for static thumbnails.

The motion ads guidelines also include the following stipulations:

  • Animation should be easy to spot and perceive; if you choose to add text, it should be readable;




  • Avoid annoying motion effects (flickering, multiple moving elements, distasteful and irrelevant stickers, etc.)




  • Avoid optical illusions;


  • Avoid explicit scenes, vulgar allusions, controversial gestures;





  • Do not use popular memes with celebrities, footage from films or TV shows, any other brand items as they constitute illegal endorsement and can’t be utilized in commercial use;


MGID compliance team reserves the right to reject and/or block any advertising material from rotation at its sole discretion if it is deemed non-compliant with MGID policies.