Pricing and Billing Model

This article describes the general principle of pricing and billing in the MGID Ads dashboard.

At MGID, we utilize a straightforward Cost-Per-Click (CPC) prepaid pricing model. You are charged for the number of clicks your campaign receives based on the CPC rate you set. It’s an easy-to-understand method of paying for the results you achieve.

CPC Prepaid Pricing Model Stages

  1. Set Your Budget - Determine your desired expenditure for the campaign. For example,  you can set a campaign budget of $50.
  2. Choose Your CPC - Select the amount you will pay for each click. For instance,  if you set a CPC of $0.05, 5 cents will be the cost you pay per click.
  3. Pay Only for Clicks - Pay only when someone clicks on your content. If you get 100 clicks, you’ll pay $5 (100 clicks x $0.05 CPC).
  4. Performance Optimized - Utilize our tools and onboarding manager to help optimize your campaign.

You can adjust your CPC anytime to suit your campaign's performance.

We do not operate on a CPA (“Cost Per Action” or “Cost Per Acquisition”)  basis. However, we are committed to achieving and potentially reducing your desired CPA. We accomplish this by utilizing our optimization tools and implementing practices that are tailored to your specific product.


You can quickly replenish your balance directly from the main page of the MGID dashboard. Click Add Funds to view the available options in your region.


In addition to the displayed options on the dashboard, you can perform a bank wire transfer to top up your balance.

Please contact your manager to obtain an invoice for the bank transfer.