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MGID Pixel Helper Overview

This article provides a quick overview of how the MGID Pixel Helper helps to check the Pixel implementation status.


The MGID Pixel Helper is a troubleshooting tool that helps to check the Pixel implementation status. 

It works as a Google Chrome browser extension that can help you and your customers indicate if the MGID code is placed correctly and all necessary parameters accurately transmitted and captured by the Pixel.


1. Follow the link below to install this extension from the Google Chrome store.

The link for the MGID Pixel Helper is HERE.

2. Click the “Add to Chrome” button and follow the further system guidance.

1. Pixel_helper_overview


A green indicator with a number of working tags (near the Helper icon) means that everything works as it should.

“Page_view” status means that the Pixel is placed on a page.

Any other status means the GTM (Google tag manager) event or onclick event firing on that page.

2. Pixel_helper_overview

Click on specific events to open detailed information such as:

  • adclid parameter passed/not passed;
  • GTM used/not used;
  • request time;
  • other parameters passed for this event;
  • Pixel URL which was triggered;
  • Pixel location.

3. Pixel_helper_overview

Remember, it takes some time for Pixel to load.

A red indicator (near the Helper icon) means the Pixel is placed, but the adclid parameter is not passed or the request time is too big.

4. Pixel_helper_overview

The last possible option is when the Pixel is not placed on that website - you will see a “No pixel found on page”  message. In this case, you can try checking the page with VPN to make sure our JS code is not there.

5. Pixel_helper_overview