MGID Native Integration with Braip

This article covers the flow of native integration between MGID and (in-dashboard).

MGID Settings

1. In the MGID dashboard, begin the process of setting up campaign tracking by clicking Create and then Campaign.


2. On the conversion tracking step, select Pixel as the tracking method, then proceed with conversion goals creation.


3. Choose a unique string of a URL of the page you wish to track as a conversion step. The example below shows checkout (Checkout Page) and obrigado (Thank You Page).


Create a New goal, choose URL-based conversion type, and then Pages containing the term found in the previous step. In this case, we used obrigado (Thank You Page) as the main goal. You can choose any of the given URL conditions based on your preferences.


Then press Publicar (Save). You can add 1-2 additional goals by repeating the steps above.

Braip Settings

1. In your Braip account, click Ferramentas (Tools)


Next, click Pixel and then Cadastrar Pixel (Insert Pixel).


2. Insert any name for the Pixel. Fill out the form selecting which Checkouts or Campaigns (Campanhas) you’d like to track and when to execute the code (Initiate Checkout, Purchase or Both).



3. Select MGID as the platform and then insert your Client ID in the CID do Pixel MGID field.



Then, press Salvar (Save).

Lastly, contact your manager to perform test conversions and to confirm that the tracking setup was successful.