MGID Campaign Recommendations

This article includes the list of actions we recommend to apply for achieving optimal campaign performance.

At MGID, our priority is fostering long-term relationships with our clients. Achieving optimal campaign performance is crucial in fulfilling this objective.

Please consider the following campaign recommendations and best practices to boost ad campaign performance.

These recommendations serve as a foundation, but every campaign demands a unique approach to launching and optimization. 


  • When planning an advertising campaign, it's essential to recognize that native advertising is more like a marathon than a sprint. Instant results should not be expected immediately after a campaign’s launch.
  • For an optimal advertising test budget, we recommend allocating funds for approximately 5,000 to 10,000 clicks. This range of clicks will provide valuable data to evaluate the performance of your sales funnel for the product you have chosen. It enables you to handpick the most effective ads and placements while identifying and eliminating those that haven't performed well.
  • To calculate your budget, base the cost per click (CPC) on the current competitive pricing model. For instance, if the optimal CPC for your product is estimated to be 12 cents, the budget required for the test campaign would be $600 (5,000 clicks x $0.12).


  • For a successful campaign launch, we recommend starting with 5-10 ads that employ different approaches. This increases the chances of finding the right creative approach for your campaign.
  • You can explore the best creative practices for ads in this guide HERE.
  • Should you need tailored ads for your specific product, our dedicated Creative Department is at your service. Feel free to contact your manager to request your custom designed ads.


  • In most cases, we recommend separating campaigns based on GEO targeting. Different GEOs have different CPC rates, making it challenging to set a single CPC that caters to all countries in your targeting list.
  • Similar to GEO targeting, we recommend splitting your campaigns based on device type: Mobile and Desktop. This separation is valuable from an optimization perspective, considering the differences in user behavior and CPC levels.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

  • MGID operates on an auction-based model. Therefore, maintaining a competitive CPC level is crucial when launching your campaign. Starting with the minimum CPC might limit your chances of acquiring traffic. 
  • To understand the optimal CPC for your specific case, feel free to consult your dedicated account manager.


  • Before launching your ad campaign, it is vital to set up conversion tracking and thoroughly test it. Doing so will enable you to identify and measure traffic sources and ads that lead to conversions. By utilizing this information and implementing appropriate optimizations, you can significantly enhance your campaign's performance.


  • Monitoring the performance of the widget in the selective bidding interface daily is highly recommended. This feature allows you to adjust the CPC on specific sources based on their performance. Follow these rules:
  1. If the conversion cost on a widget is higher than expected, slightly decrease the coefficient to reduce the CPC.
  2. If the conversion cost is lower than expected, increase the coefficient to acquire more traffic from this widget.
  3. If a widget spent twice the price of conversion without achieving the desired results, consider turning off this source.
  • Additionally, we advise reviewing and pausing non-performing ads every 2-3 days, especially those with no conversions or excessively high conversion costs.

Get in touch with your personal onboarding manager and receive a campaign plan tailored to your specific needs.