Medium Safety Ranking

Medium Safety Rankings is given to ads that are considered adult, whether for its design or advertised content. This ranking is designed for ads that wish to promote material that may be restricted to an older audience, in which parental guidance is suggested for a younger audience. Non-clean or designs considered to be amateurish will also fall under this category.

Creative content can also include sexual topics and non-explicit suggestive imagery, as well as violence in news or entertainment media. Subject matter can be more controversial with strange, odd or peculiar imagery, along with the permission of sensational, shocking or outrageous topics both sexual and non-sexual in nature. However, creative content must not contain nudity, pornography, erotica, or explicit sex.


  • Strong grammar
  • Thumbnail images are properly oriented
  • Clean image design 


    • Amateurish design concepts
    • Hyperbolic concepts
    • Colloquial language, catchy words/phrases and slang
    • Thumbnail images can be less pixel-peepable
  • Personalized information in headlines, e.g. personal attributes, including but not limited to a person’s race, ethnic origin, age or name
  • Aggressive, disgusting and shocking ad concepts
  • ‘Shock’ words in titles
  • Images depicting females that evoke sexual desire, celebrities included


  • Gruesome concepts
  • Graphic sexual nudity
  • Pornography or erotica
  • Explicit depictions or mentionings of sex
  • Cluttered photoshopping

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