Indonesia Safety Rankings - High

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High ranking encompasses relevant and tasteful ads that give a user a clear understanding of what he or she is about to see after proceeding to the provided publication/landing page. 


Content, products, and ad design should comply with the local and international government regulations.

Content and products should not lead to anything from the following list:
- Brands and affiliates 
- News and websites 


Thumbnails should be of a high resolution, recognizable, and properly oriented. Non-professional yet good-looking photos are allowed.

Headlines should convey accurate information. Appropriate exaggeration is allowed.


Please avoid:

  • Close-up imagery of objects where it’s impossible to determine what’s depicted at first sight
  • Disgusting concepts
  • Disturbing conditions
  • Thumbnails depicting people in a sexually suggestive manner. Photos of both males and females should be appropriate for a general audience
  • Thumbnails with depiction of affection
  • Sexualized hints or a sexually provocative focus on particular body parts are not allowed
  • Suggestive materials of any kind are prohibited for this type
  • Headlines should not convey a sexual tone to neutral imagery


It’s highly recommended to:

  • Provide users with the full set of Impressum (TOS, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact List)
  • Label advertorial and storytelling landing pages as an Advertisement or Advertorial
  • Add a disclaimer that the advertorial is based on fiction and any similarity to real people, places, or events are purely coincidental


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