How to Copy Ads (Creatives) in MGID Ads?

This guide provides information on how to copy either one ad or more than one simultaneously.

Copying Ads (Creatives) is available in the MGID Ads dashboard on the Ads list page.

Navigate to the Ads (Creatives) list page by clicking on the selected campaign from the main dashboard.


You can copy the Ads with an active status only. The Ads with any other statuses are restricted from copying.

The Ad statuses:

  • Active - copying is allowed.
  • On moderation - copying is prohibited.
  • Rejected - copying is not permitted.
  • Blocked - copying is not permitted.

If you select to copy creatives which are prohibited from copying, one of the errors will appear:

  • "Copy only approved ads. Some ads you've selected are rejected and can't be copied. Let's exclude them and copy only the approved ones?"
  • “Only approved ads can be copied.”

The system allows you to copy either one ad (single action) or more than one simultaneously (mass action).

Single action 

Navigate to the Ads list and find the one you need to copy. To copy this ad, click on the Menu (three dots) icon under the Action column and select the required action from the pop-up list:

  • Copy to ... one or many campaigns
  • Duplicate - within the campaign


Mass actions 

To copy more than one ad, select several creatives using checkboxes. Then, navigate to the Menu section above and select:

  • Copy to .. one or many campaigns

Only the campaigns with the same type as the selected creatives will be displayed under the popup section.


You will be able to change CPC and content URLs for all campaigns or for each separately.


Please remember that creatives you copied always go on moderation.

If there is no rule discrepancy, the creative will be released automatically (maximum 20 min). If the creative cannot be released automatically according to the rules of target GEO, category, language, etc., it will go to manual moderation.


  • For the account, it is available to copy 500 creatives per day
  • It is possible to copy no more than 150 ads in one action

If copied creatives go to manual moderation, they will not be considered in the overall limit of creatives for moderation for the client.