How can I place my widgets on AMP pages?

Do MGID widgets work on AMP pages?

Yes, MGID widgets are 100% compatible with AMP pages. If you want to place the widget on AMP, please use the AMP code. It is available for every widget you created for your website:



AMP code<amp-embed width=“600” height=“600" layout=“responsive” type=“mgid” data-publisher=“” data-widget=“201920" data-container=“M198602ScriptRootC201920” data-block-on-consent=“_till_responded” > </amp-embed>


If you’re having trouble placing your widget, please contact your manager.


What is AMP?


The Accelerate Mobile App (or AMP) is the approach to building a web page that employs an HTML framework to speed up performance and improve user experience. Unlike traditional web pages that may display dynamic content (ex., videos, buttons or anything a user can interact with), AMP pages present all website content as static HTML files. 


AMP pages became popular among news media for faster load times, lower bounce rates and more streamlined browsing for mobile users.

Are there limitations to MGID widgets running on AMP pages?

Yes. The page view count in Google Analytics might be higher than the page views shown in the MGID dashboard. The data discrepancy has to do with the internal logic of AMP pages that might lazy load MGID widgets. If AMP lazy loads JavaScript files of MGID widgets, these page views would not be reflected in your personal dashboard.

In other words, page views for AMP pages reflect the number of times MGID widget has been loaded, contrary to the total number of times your web page has been viewed.