How Can I Evaluate the Traffic Quality?

The main indicator of traffic quality is the conversion rate. We offer you convenient conversion tracking tools.

In order to enable conversion tracking, proceed to the advertising campaign settings (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Switch to setting up an advertising campaign

Turn on the Conversion stages tracking settings (Fig. 2) and set up the necessary parameters in the highlighted form (Fig. 2). 


Figure 2. Enable editing of the conversion stages tracking settings

 The system allows you to track three main stages of conversion:

  • "INTEREST" is typically the viewing of detailed information about a product or its reviews;
  • "DESIRE" can be adding a product or service to the cart;
  • "ACTION" as a rule is placing an order for a product/service or making a payment to an online store. 

It only makes sense that the most important stage is "Action", but tracking the rest of the stages can be useful as well, both for optimizing an advertising campaign and for assessing the effectiveness of the site operation itself.

One condition can be chosen for each action:

  • SEARCH BY URL: the user's transition to a specific URL will be considered an action;
  • EVENT: the user's processable action on a page (click, shift of the pointer to a certain area, etc.);
  • POSTBACK: one to three stages of conversions can be transferred, more information can be found here. 

The sensor code should be set (except for "Condition type - POSTBACK") on the pages relating to the monitored stages. You can view the code by clicking on the "GET SENSOR CODE" button.

End of Guide