High Safety Ranking

High Safety Ranking is given to ads that display clean and innocuous advertising both in design and promoted content. Practices that include fake elements, both in creatives and content, aggressive clickbait, and suggestive or sexual materials are not permitted for High Safety Ranking. Provocative language, highly controversial issues, and any depictions of violence are also prohibited for this ranking. Ultimately, ads with the High Safety Rankings are designed to inform and compel through their quality in both design components and advertised content.



  • Strong grammar
  • Informative and compelling titles
  • High resolution images
  • Thumbnail images are recognizable and properly oriented
  • Clean image design 


  • Hyperbolic concepts 
  • Colloquial language
  • Personalized information in headlines, e.g. personal attributes, including but not limited to a person’s race, ethnic origin, age or name


  • Cluttered photoshopping or amateurish concepts
  • Fake elements
  • Concepts designed to provoke
  • Provocative language, controversial topics/issues 
  • Depictions of violence 
  • Aggressive clickbait
  • Suggestive or sexual materials



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