Forecasting and recommendation tool of advertising coverage Price Recommendation Engine

Forecasting and recommendation tool of advertising coverage Price Recommendation Engine


Price Recommendation Engine (PRE)    - is a tool which shows the traffic volumes that an advertiser buys in total and recommends a CPC value strategy to increase the volumes step-wise. All data is converted in the real-time mode.


PRE   checks all auctions a teaser took part in within the last 24 hours.


The purpose of this tool

is to give our system users a chance to evaluate the reach level of each active ad (teaser) in real time, based on the previous targeting settings (the last 24 hours), as well as to recommend the best performing CPC.


If the teaser hasn’t participated in the minimum number of auctions within the last 12 hours, you will see the “not enough data” note instead of the current coverage data.


“Collecting data” note will be accompanying new teasers. As soon as they get the minimum number of auctions for the calculations - we will share the reach level. If this doesn’t happen within the 12 hours the user will see “not enough data”.


Every time the CPC changes we reset the data and start picking it up again.


The algorithm takes into account all possible factors that go hand in hand with the teaser views. That is why all the recommendations are always up to date.

Please take into account that a teaser might not keep the same reach level after increasing it by applying the recommended CPC.

There is a big number of competitive new teasers so beware that your CPC cannot be competitive at all times.Using PRE you can, firstly, analyze how the bid you appl impacts the reach level and the percentage of the auctions won; secondly, you can control those numbers by monitoring each active teaser.


How to use the Price Recommendation Engine:


- Using the settings panel check the teasers folder;



Next to the CPC column there is a “reach level” column;



By pressing the “Boost” button you may see the recommendations.


When checking teaser settings you might be recommended to use a bid based on the geo targeting. You can apply the bid to each previously chosen geo, region, city separately: