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Branch App Tracker Integration in MGID Ads

Start by creating an event and Postback URL in the MGID dashboard.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new advertising campaign or edit an existing one by clicking on its respective icon in the dashboard.


2. Navigate to the Conversion tracking section and select the Postback option in the Tracking settings tab.

3. Add a new conversion goal named “lead”. In addition, you can select an existing goal.

For the Branch system for the Install event, you MUST use “lead” (case-sensitive).


Repeat these steps (Add another goal) to track post-install in-app events.


Event Name: Use the same name that you provided in Branch, exactly as it appears there. Event names are case-sensitive.

The Branch will generate a postback to MGID automatically after an event in the app is triggered.

The value in the “e” parameter for post-install events will be whatever the client named the event. If the client has named the event Checkout Start, you’ll receive Checkout%20Start.



For example, a client has several events, there is a click, open, and registration. It is very important to indicate the correct spelling of the event in the campaign settings in MGID.

In this case, registration - in lower case, OPEN in upper case.

If the client needs information on connecting his app with our network in the Branch dashboard and creating his first campaign, please use the guide HERE.