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Audience Targeting Functionality

This article covers the audience targeting options in MGID Ads and explains the 1st and 3rd party data provider specifications, GEO dependencies and data fees.

Audience Targeting Options

GEO Dependency of the 3rd Party Data

Data Fees and 3rd Party Data Providers

Audience Targeting Options

While creating a campaign, the MGID Ads system provides two options for the Audience targeting:

  • 1st party data: Use this option to optimize campaign results by using audiences from your past campaigns. Include or exclude targeting groups to reach and convert people who have previously interacted with your product.
  • 3rd party data: Use this option to optimize campaigns based on demographics, interests or gender provided by 3rd party data providers (including MGID). 

The 3rd party data also uses the include and exclude functionality; each can have up to three targeting groups to narrow the audience.

Image: 1st and 3rd party data in MGID Ads


Image:  3rd party data in MGID Ads


As you can see from the 3rd party data screenshot, the groups relate to each other using the “AND” operator, where at least one option from each targeting group has to match.

Inside each group, selected targeting criteria relate to each other using the “OR” operator, where at least one option must match.

The system allows you to remove a target group. In this case, all the targetings from the respective group will be deleted as well. If there is only one group left, you won't be able to delete it. This logic works for both include and exclude fields.

GEO Dependency of the 3rd Party Data

Remember, when setting up the Campaign targeting, the GEO coverage (Countries) impacts the 3rd party data.


Each 3rd party data provider has a list of supported countries (GEO coverage).

When a user selects a country under the GEO, only targeting that has coverage within this GEO will be available. For example, if you select United States and Barbados under the GEO section, the list of the 3rd party data will be available only for the US.

This is because we don't have a data provider for the country of Barbados. Basically, you cannot select target options that don't have GEO coverage in your campaigns.

If no countries (GEOs) are selected, your ads will target a global audience (all countries), which may influence the ads statistics. All data providers will be available since the campaign will target worldwide (applicable only for GEOs with coverage). 

If you select targeting options before adding GEOs but add locations later, the system will remove irrelevant targetings, as the campaign is no longer targeting worldwide.


A confirmation popup message will be displayed under the selected GEO with the list of targeting options to be removed. 


The same Remove GEO popup will be displayed in the event you attempt to remove a GEO with 3rd party targetings selected.


Data Fees and 3rd Party Data Providers

The data fee is an additional payment that will be added to the CPC in case the campaign has targeting from 3rd party data providers that have data fees of more than zero cents.

The data fee varies depending on the option you select as a data provider:

  • MGID Data provider: The data fee is zero.
  • 3rd Party Data providers (e.g., Eyeota, Affinity Answers): The data fee is five cents. It will be added to your CPC.

If your campaign has any targeting options from a 3rd Party Data provider, 5 cents will be added to each CPC from this campaign.

In the event your campaign only uses MGID as a data provider, no data fees will be added.

In case your campaign employs both MGID and a 3rd Party Data provider, 5 cents will be added to each CPC from this campaign.

When selecting the 3rd party targeting option, the name of the 3rd party data provider will be displayed beside this targeting option. In addition, when you hover over this targeting option, there will be a popup displaying the additional data fee and the data provider name.


Additionally,  if there are any targeting options from the data provider with a data fee (data fee > 0) selected, the information will be displayed at the bottom of AUDIENCE TARGETING.


You can also find this information under the CPC input field on the BUDGET and LIMITS tab.


For your convenience, there is an option to display data fees as statistics under the following pages:

  • Campaign List Page
  • All three campaign details tables (Ads, Widget optimization, Statistics)

The three different fields related to the data fee are available: 

  1. Avg. CPC incl. data fee
  2. Avg. CPC excl. data fee 
  3. Data fee

Image: Campaign List Page


Images: Statistics