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Audience and Retargeting in MGID Ads


Audience Set Up

Audience Collection Type and Its Application

Audience Management

Utilizing Audiences in Campaign Creation and Editing

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The MGID Ads platform provides functionality for creating and managing audiences. This functionality allows you to target audiences more effectively, boosting the efficiency of your ads’ display. 

Retargeting helps to increase the conversion of your advertising campaign by determining your site’s most valuable visitors and displaying advertisements to them throughout the MGID network.

Retargeting Benefit


Audience selection

Retargeting filters can be customized in different ways, e.g., you can only target ads to those who have not completed an online purchase.

Reach and depth

Whereas other filters narrow your audience, retargeting will allow you to direct your ads only to those interested in your site without significant losses, provided that a sufficient amount of data has been accumulated. 

Maximum purchase probability

Potential customers will see your ad exactly when they are the most interested in purchasing. 

The Audience functionality in MGID Ads further enables retargeting campaigns by targeting specific visitors. These campaigns allow you to display ads to visitors who have previously interacted with your site.

Audience Set Up

To create an Audience, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the Retargeting audiences section in the MGID Ads Dashboard.
  • Click the Add Audience button on the next page.



When creating an Audience, you should specify:

  • Audience name (up to 150 characters)
  • Audience active period (0-30 days): the duration of the visitor's inclusion in the audience
  • Audience type and collection settings: on what basis a visitor will be added to the audience
  • Audience conditions: the parameters set for a visitor to be added to the audience, indicated in the Settings section


  • MGID pixel audience: Target everyone who has interacted with your website regardless of audience source. You'll be able to specifically target people interested in your products. However, it requires an MGID pixel in order to work.
  • MGID ads audience: Target everyone who has interacted with ads placed with MGID. This functionality does not require any integrations in order to work.
  • Goal-based audience: Target people based on conversion goals that are set for your campaigns.

MGID Pixel Code

  • Find the pixel code under the Audience settings section. 
  • Click the Get pixel code button and copy it from the opening pop-up.
  • Place the copied MGID pixel code in the <body> of each site page in order to collect an audience on your site.

retargeting_4        retargeting_5

Audience Collection Type and Its Application

As an advertiser, you can choose the following audience collection type when creating an Audience:

  • URL condition
  • Event name
  • Clicks
  • Views
  • Conversion goal

1. Audience Collection Type by URL Condition

When choosing the URL condition, you can create a retargeting campaign for users who have visited certain site pages (visits are logged using the MGID pixel).

Here's how it operates.

A user has visited the main page of an e-commerce site and other pages on this site ('/about us', '/checkout', product pages, etc.). When a user visits an MGID partner site, ads of the products they have viewed will be displayed in ad units.

In Audience settings, you can set only parts of the URL (Start from, Contains, Ends with) as the collection type. You can add the condition to the Audience provided that either one or all of the conditions are fulfilled. There is no limit on the number of conditions.

retargeting_6       retargeting_7

2. Audience Collection Type by Event Name

This Audience collection type creates a retargeting campaign for users who have performed certain actions (event) on the site, e.g., registering, adding an item to the cart or placing an order.

To set up such a campaign, follow these steps:

  • Place the MGID pixel code on your site
  • Install the event tracking code 

To generate an event tracking code, you should specify an identifier. 

Then, place the generated code on the site so it is executed as soon as the desired action is performed.

Please note that you can add only one tracked event per audience.



3. Audience Collection Type by Clicks

If you choose the Clicks condition, you can create an audience from website visitors who have clicked on any ad associated with the campaigns selected.


4. Audience Collection Type by Views

When choosing the Views condition, you can create a retargeting campaign for users who have viewed any ad from the campaigns indicated on your condition list. 


5. Audience Collection Type by Conversion Goal

When selecting the Conversion Goal condition, you can create an audience from users who have made conversions configured for existing advertising campaigns. 

In addition, it is possible to add a condition under which users are added to the audience provided that they have not reached the desired goal. There is no limit to the number of conditions set.

It is strongly recommended to use Not Reached only with Reached.


Audience Management

The Audience section is available at https://ads.mgid.com/audiences. There, you can delete or edit an audience. 

Audience editing options:

  • Reset the conditions of adding a user to it 
  • Change the name
  • Change the description of the audience


The following information is available on the Audience management page: 

  • Audience name
  • Conditions
  • Used in campaigns: number of campaigns in which you use the audience
  • Potential reach: potential audience for retargeting ads
  • Added recently: people added to your audience in the last 24 hours (PST Time Zone)
  • Total: the total amount of people in your audience 

Utilizing Audiences in Campaign Creation and Editing

When creating or editing a campaign, you can add an Audience during the targeting setup. Then, the creatives of this advertising campaign will be displayed to this audience.

Follow these steps to add your Audience to the campaign targeting.

  • Navigate to the Campaigns section
  • Select the campaign you would like to add the audience to
  • Click Edit campaign


  • The “Edit campaign” form will pop up
  • Scroll down to the Audience targeting section
  • Click the Retargeting audience button
  • Select the audience from the drop-down list you would like to include
  • Select the audience from the drop-down list you would like to exclude
  • Click Save to save changes


Contacting Support

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Support Team. Additionally, MGID offers a live chat feature accessible from the main page of the MGID Ads Dashboard. 

Our operators are a convenient and quick way to connect with the company representatives. Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard to access this feature. The Support form will include your manager’s contact details as well.