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AI Image Generator for Ad Campaigns

This article shows how to use AI Generator under the Media section for your creatives.


Prompt-Based (text to image) AI Generator

Text to Image Examples

Image-to-Image AI Generator

Image-to-Image Examples


MGID Ads provides two options for generating images for your ad campaigns:

  1. Prompt-Based (text to image) generator: type your prompts or explore examples for inspiration below. 
  2. Image-to-Image generator: upload an image as a sample, and the system will generate several options based on it. You can also provide additional prompts to guide the results and receive the desired outputs.

Advantages of using AI-generated Creatives:

  • Unique Images - AI-generated creatives offer uniqueness, ensuring there is no risk of copyright infringement.
  • Legal Safety - By utilizing AI-generated people faces, particularly for children, you eliminate legal risks associated with privacy and consent.
  • High Quality - AI-generated images maintain a high level of quality, ensuring professional and visually appealing creatives.

Prompt-Based (text to image) AI Generator

While creating your ad, navigate to the AI generator tab under the Media section. 

Find the Prompt (Text to Image) button. 

Enter your prompt (descriptive terms) into the respective field. 

Click the Generate button.

ai_generator_1Try using a magic stick that opens a drop-down list with examples of prompts that you can use or edit for yourself.


Additionally, you have a drop-down selection of emotions, angles, lighting, and styles to enhance your images with unique perspectives.


The following keywords work as tips for forming prompts:

  • Emotion: peaceful, calm, serene, soothing, relaxed, bright, vibrant, dynamic, muted, bleak, ominous, threatening
  • Light: low light, gentle pink hue, gentle blue hue, strong pink hue, blue shadows, sunbeams, twilight, bright light, red light
  • Angle: extreme long shot, medium shot, close-up, overhead view, low angle, over-the-shoulder shot, aerial view
  • Style: 3d-model, analog-film, anime, cinematic, comic-book, digital-art, enhance, fantasy-art, isometric, line-art, low-poly, modeling-compound, neon-punk, origami, photographic, pixel-art, tile-texture

The model generates 4 new images based on the prompt and filters used.

Text to Image Examples


# Prompt and AI-generated image
1 A realistic portrait of a mature Thai woman on the porch of her own house, a woman is wearing traditional attire, traditional jewelry, and a headpiece. Midday shot, closeup.


2 Pink liquid oozing into beautiful apples, pink background, realistic photo, light falling from the top
3 An ancient glass bottle filled with green creamy liquid is on a table in the futuristic lab, and people in orange suits are standing in the background.
4 A luxury-dressed woman with massive jewelry is entering a private jet, New York morning shot from the back, sunbeams around.

Image-to-Image AI Generator

While creating your ad, navigate to the AI generator tab under the Media section. 

Find the Image (Image to Image) button. 

The image generation occurs according to two mandatory parameters:

1. Image - drop zone for uploading. 
  • Allowed formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG. 
  • The minimum resolution is 960х540 and the file must be up to 10 MB. 
  • The best aspect ratio is 16:9.
2. Prompt - description for changes.
  • “Magic stick” is available in the promo field - which displays a dropdown with examples that can be used for generation or modified to suit your specific needs.


AI Generator takes input images and considers the prompt to be the description of the details you want to add or change. It reimagines them, infusing new styles, textures, and elements to create something unique.

As a result, you get 4 new images that could be used in their creatives.

Image-to-Image Examples

Example 1: Original vs AI generated with the prompt: Latin-American race.

ai_generator_9   ai_generator_10

Example 2: Original vs AI generated with the prompt: Afro-American race.

ai_generator_11  ai_generator_12

Example 3: Original vs AI generated with the prompt: Prompt: 60 y.o.

ai_generator_11  ai_generator_13

Example 4: Original vs AI generated with the prompt: Wear casual clothes.

ai_generator_14 ai_generator_15

Example 5: Original vs AI generated with the prompt: 60 y.o.

ai_generator_16 ai_generator_17

Example 5: Original vs AI generated with the prompt: Wear reading glasses.

ai_generator_18 ai_generator_19

To learn more about AI-generated images, please check the Video Guides: How to Create AI-generated Images In MGID Ads.