Advertiser name

The advertiser name (brand name) displayed on the widget is a confidence-building item that grants users a relevant and consistent understanding they are dealing with a real product.

ad name widget

General tips: 

  1. The advertiser name should be represented by brand name, product name, company name, agency name, and in some cases category name.
  2. Filling in the advertiser name is optional for the advertiser, but is a must in a moderated ad unit. If you don’t want to fill it, moderators will do it according to the standard procedure;
  3. The advertiser name is set for the entire campaign and will be displayed for each rotating ad within it;
  4. Once the campaign is created, the advertiser name cannot be edited;
  5. In case the advertiser name is not compliant with the requirements below, moderators reserve the right to adjust it accordingly;
  6. The original brand and/or product name should be accurately reflected by the advertiser name. Please mind there are no spelling restrictions to the original brand or product name [except for profane and obscene language];
  7. The advertiser name should be spelled with a capital letter. Each word of the advertiser name should be capitalized;
    Note: if your brand name begins with a lowercase (e.g., iPhone), type it in the box and don’t press the space bar.
  8. The advertiser name is limited to 25 symbols; 
  9. The advertiser name for Search Feed campaigns is automatically set to “Search Ads” in the language that corresponds to the campaign language and cannot be edited.

search feed

How to set a proper Advertiser name:

  1. Advertiser names for A/B and split test campaigns should be normally presented by product or service category or other relevant keywords:
    Health and Beauty,
    Hair Care,
    Investment Opportunities;
  2. Advertiser name language should be set by the following criteria:
    • should be identical to the product and service name;
    • keywords or categories should be spelled according to the language of the campaign or English;
  3. Do not use advertiser names that mimic other brands and trademarks:
    Cossmopolitan, Menashealth;   
  4. Avoid using domain and subdomain names:, Manyusefultips,
    [Product Name], Many Useful Tips;
  5. Try to avoid dashes and slashes, when it’s possible:
    World-news, AVC-gummies,
    World News, AVC Gummies;
  6. Refrain from mentioning “Rx” (“Rx” means “prescription”):
    NaturalGrowRx, TestoRx,
    NaturalGrow CBD, Testo Supplement or High Energy Labs (supplement manufacturer).


1. Does the advertiser name affect the ad category?

It does not. The ad design defines the category, not the advertised offer or respectively - advertiser name.

Offer: Bitcoin Profit
Advertiser name: Bitcoin Profit
Ad unit: luxury life of a young couple
Category: Options

Since the ad design does not focus specifically on cryptocurrencies, the category is not set to “Currencies”, but to “Options”.

2. What can be done if both the domain name and product name are not acceptable?

Please come up with an alternative name that is close to the product name and gives the user an understanding of its nature.

cnnmoneyreports - unacceptable domain name (CNN endorsement)
Weed Millionaire - unacceptable product name (“weed”)
Money Reports, Golden Millionaire

3. Should I skip the advertiser name for content campaigns? 

No, content campaigns possess advertiser names just as any other campaign. Please check the tips and how-tos to set the correct advertiser name.

4. I’m still concerned about brand names and social media platforms of the web pages and channels we work with

If you run web pages or social media accounts officially registered via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, etc., please mention the product or service name instead of using the domain name of the branded platform. Otherwise, the name will not represent the origin of the offer owner. 


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