Video Gaming Category Policies

We are constantly working to improve the quality of creative content in our network. In this regard, we consider it necessary to outline the key points of video gaming content and creative policies we expect you to be compliant with.


The following is not deemed compliant with MGID policies:

  • Mature content and creatives;
  • Sexualization of minors (those under 18);
  • Sexual encounters;
  • Excessive sexualization, when the only purpose is sexual provocation;
  • Provoking and immoral acts;
  • Dirty wording;
  • Violence and racial intolerance;
  • Using anime characters for games unrelated to anime;
  • Using branded names, legendary comics characters, and celebrities if they do not officially endorse the promoted game;
  • Promoting the game through web pages designed to mimic branded websites, fully or partially, including logo, layout, font, navigation tools;
  • Content that promotes illegal activity or infringes on legal rights;
  • Using images of characters from NCSoft games;

We still accept images of attractive girls, but we now don’t accept sexually suggestive and sexually explicit images for MGID. Such images are considered adult content.


The images shouldn’t include nudity, depictions of characters in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative. Images should be relevant to the game linked.


Video Gaming Ads Examples

Non-Compliant Headlines (no matter of thumbnail)


  • Mentioning 18+ in titles is misleading and implies adult content.

                          - Warning: Enter Only If You Are Over 18 Years Old!

                          - What Will You Do With Her Once You Set Her Free? Beware, Only 18+

                          - Conquer Her In All The Ways You Can Imagine. WatchOut, 18+

  • This Anime Game Packs A Sexy Punch!
  • The Most Shameless MMORPG You Should Start Playing
  • This Game Will Make You Do This 4 Times A Day
  • This Game Is So Naughty That You Must Be Mature To Play It!
  • Many Can Only Last 3 Minutes In This Game, Can You Win Her?
  • Can You Believe This Game Is Legal?

HOT Headlines That Are Ok With Neutral Images Only


  • Designed Just For Guys
  • Close The Door Before Playing
  • Play This Game When No One Sees You
  • Do Not Show This Game To Your Wife/GF
  • You Can Do Anything You Want In This Game
  • You Will Not Last Longer Than 4 Minutes In This Game
  • You Won’t Be Able To Control Yourself
  • You Won’t Believe How Sexy This Game Is
  • If You Are Married Then This Game Is Not For You!
  • It’s Better To Keep This Game A Secret
  • You’ll Want To Touch The Screen When Playing This Game
  • The Hottest Online Game Men Can't Resist
  • Women Hate When Men Play This Hot Game


Please make sure the LP does not contain any of the claims or pictures below:


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