Thumbnail Prohibited Practices

MGID moderation reserves the right to reject and/or block content, products or services, regardless of its category, for any reason if it is deemed non-compliant with the company's policy.

Adult content

Genitals and completely naked body; 

Images depicting women breasts with nipples being visible;

Showcasing sexual intercourse;

Minors sexualizing;

Women posing provocatively, with vulgar gestures, exceedingly deep cleavage;

Hidden or exposed nudity;

Emphasizing some body parts, in order to sexualize the image;
Fruits/vegetables reminding of genitals;

Images depicting violence/shocking images

Violent scenes, homicides, fights, and any other demonstration of cruelty;

Images depicting self-harming;

Organs, decomposed bodies, disfigured body parts, open wounds, injuries, fractures;

Close-up body parts, which look undefinable, absurd, monstrous;

Images of people drinking alcohol or being drunk/under drugs;

Images of weapons and explosive substances;


Celebrities who do not officially promote the product;

Brands which have nothing to do with the promoted product;

Mocking materials

Sneering of people with mental/physical disabilities;

Racist, national, gender abuses;

Satirical illustrations of pieces of art; vandalism;

Religious abuses;


 “Cheap”/amateurish images;

Images of kids for adult topics;

Anorexia-related images or depicting extreme obesity;

Images of people smoking cigarettes, marijuana or vape;


  • All materials directly or by implication fall under the above list;
  • Any images which promote any prohibited content.


Material, not stated on the list, also might be rejected by the moderation team in case:

- Publisher’s complaint regarding image concept;

- User’s or copyright holder’s complaint;

- Corresponding moderator’s decision, if in his opinion, the specific image is not in compliance with creative policies of the company.