How to Setup MGID Pixel for a Shopify Store

When you logged in to Shopify Store, you need to go to "Themes" (under Online Store). Click on "Actions" (right from Live theme) & Edit code. 


If you don’t see "Themes" or cannot click on it, please contact the shop owner and ask to provide additional privileges so you can customize live themes.

Open “theme.liquid” in the “Layout” folder, and paste the Mgid pixel at the end of the head tag in “theme.liquid”, after {{ content_for_header }} and before the closing “</head>” tag. Then click the “Save” button in the top-right corner.


Go to the site and confirm that the code is there. 

If you wish to track purchases additionally it is needed to implement MGID pixel in Settings > checkout or checkout.liquid file. 

If you are interested in tracking dynamic values of purchases please follow this instruction