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Safety of the Conversion/Retargeting Sensor Installation

The installation of our conversion/retargeting sensor is absolutely safe for your website.

Our code does not affect your website’s loading speed.

We use asynchronous loading technology, so even if our servers are unavailable, it will not affect your website performance.

Only the data that is needed for conversion/retargeting tracking is sent to our servers, which comprises of the following information:

  • site or client identifier in our system;
  • teaser and informer identifiers by which the transition to your site has been made;
  • target identifier (if you set it manually);
  • the number of page views of your site by visitor;
  • current webpage address;
  • if you use the dynamic retargeting option, the identifiers of the current and already purchased products are transferred (which you specified manually in the installation code).

Our code also sets a cookie called MgSensor and MgSensorVis to store the intermediate results of its operation.

As you can see, sending this data cannot harm your site.