Restricted Content, Products and Services

The list below covers content that can at times be legally or culturally sensitive. The following content, products and services must pass a particularly thorough moderation check and legal verification.

 Please note that the examples below are not exhaustive and are for information only. 


  • alcoholic beverages sale;
  • alcohol consumption propaganda;
  • portraying people in a state of intoxication;
  • brand or informational advertising for alcoholic beverages;
  • implying that drinking alcohol provides health or therapeutic benefits;
  • showing alcohol consumption.
  • cocktail recipes, which include alcohol;
  • meal recipes, which include alcohol;
  • review(s) of rare alcoholic beverages served more as a piece of art or fashion than as a product;
  • advertising of specialized magazines or newspapers;
  • event advertising;
  • advertising of accessories.


  • online dating sites offering sexual encounters;
  • erotic and pornographic materials;
  • denied access without credit card details or account information;
  • escort services;
  • webcast of dating sites, web modeling;
  • use of vulgar phrases such as: 'MILF', 'Sugar mom', 'Hookup'
  • use of misleading phrases 'Live Cam' 'Video Chat', 'Join the video', 'Webcam chat'
  • online dating sites whose url contains obscene words / phrases
  • fee charging post factum;
  • targeting minors;
  • content promoting marriage to a foreigner.
  • video presentation of profiles;
  • use of personal data such as sex, height, weight, age and nationality;
  • registration by e-mail;
  • use of credit card for more account options;
  • indication of preferences for potential candidates for acquaintance - gender, height, weight, age and nationality;
  • questions about STDs and STIs;
  • search by interests.

 Gambling and Gaming

  • in Austalia, Thailand, Indonesia;
  • in the USA, except for DE, NJ and NV (with license)
  • targeting minors;
  • promoting of gambling as the main source of income;
  • gambling applications where the final link does not lead to Google Play or iTunes;
  • gambler lifestyle propaganda;
  • non-gambling sites, falsely expressing or implying winnings.
  • in USA: DE, NJ, NV with license;
  • in Canada without license (should be reviewed by legal department)
  • online non-gambling games;
  • landing pages with relevant storytelling;
  • Google Play and iTunes games without winnings or withdrawals.


  • misleading and false statements;
  • statements that create the false impression that the product is free;
  • collection and processing of personal data without user’s consent;
  • applicant falsely claims that he acts on behalf of large corporations.
  • conditional price;
  • transparent terms of participation;
  • disclaimer.


  • fake websites;
  • fraudulent schemes.
  • non-profit charitable and volunteer organizations;
  • advertising events, sites, success stories, cures, results, etc .;
  • charitable advertising actions "something for something" (free performances for children suffering from cancer, free activities or attractions, gifts, things);
  • charity concerts, including those with the participation of world-class stars (information must be carefully checked);
  • for-profit crowdfunding platforms (branded websites with high credibility) that allow people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like natural disasters, accidents or illnesses. 


  • everywhere with some exceptions.
  • in the USA with the following exceptions:  Idaho, South Dakota, West Virginia, Nebraska, Kansas, and Indiana;
  • in South America;
  • in Spain, Netherlands, Canada;
  • in Europe if CBD seeds have THC level lower than 0.2%;  
  • in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa if CBD seeds have THC level lower than 0.2%.

 Electronic cigarettes, vapers, non-nicatine smoking mixtures and related products

  • promotion of smoking;
  • nicotine-containing liquids;
  • nicotine-containing disposable electronic cigarettes;
  • any electronic cigarette that can be used to consume a nicotine-containing electronic fluid
  • lack of description of goods in online store;
  • no description of the terms and conditions of the service or online store.
  • information pages for those who want to quit smoking;
  • non-nicotine fluids;
  • non-nicotine disposable electronic cigarettes (which can not be replenished);
  • reusable electronic cigarettes, in which only nicotine-free liquid cartridges can be used;
  • accessories for electronic cigarettes (batteries, power supplies, drip tips)
  • non-nicotine smoking fluids.

 Financial services

  • false statements or fraudulent claims;
  • misleading promises that guarantee earnings,
  • payments and resolution of financial distress.
  • conditional price;
  • transparent terms of participation;
  • disclaimer.

 ICO, binary options, trading

  • false statements or fraudulent claims;
  • financial pyramids;
  • investments with a high level of risk;
  • fraudulent schemes of rapid enrichment;
  • guarantees of earnings and payments;
  • securities trading without a license;
  • MMM;
  • MLM;
  • trading of El Petro's crypto-currency in the USA;
  • sites with credit card data fill-in forms.
  • mining applications;
  • ICO investment;
  • applications for traders;
  • securities trading with corresponding license;
  • seminars, videos, books, blogs;
  • ICO and blockchain technologies.


  • aggressive or offensive content;
  • incitement to hatred;
  • intolerance to any kind of faith.
  • neutral content;
  • history of religion.


  • content that contains or causes automatic download of applications without the user's consent;
  • free download of licensed software and online video / video (Torrents, RapidShare, Mediafire, etc.)
  • the offer to download content under falsified ID;
  • reward for downloading content;
  • target pages that require downloading of additional programs to access the page content.
  • content downloaded with the consent of the user;
  • advertising apps from the Apple Store and Google Play;
  • detailed description of the software with information from the developer;
  • transparent conditions for the purchase of software with clear indication of time intervals and amounts of payment.


  • false statements or fraudulent claims;
  • hidden information that there is a subscription for automatic renewal.
  • detailed information on the timing of the subscription must be clearly disclosed before purchase;
  • transparent information about automatic renewing feature for subscription.

 Video-streaming services and online cinemas

  • online cinemas based on torrents;
  • Free American or European online theaters are usually illegal;
  • non-transparent terms of subscription, lack of information about charging for the use of the service.
  • online cinemas with licensed content;
  • Indian online movie theaters (with only Bollywood movies or foreign licensed films);
  • American or European online cinemas with licensed content that offer a free trial period;
  • license to distribute and broadcast video content.

 Healthcare and medicines

  • false statements or fraudulent claims;
  • use of the FDA logo and false statements about the availability of the product in the FDA database;
  • Use of logos of the Ministry of Health;
  • false statements about worshiping a particular faith or God (s) to heal the disease (s);
  • sale of illicit pharmaceuticals and food supplies;
  • doctors, scientists and professors who are not related to the product;
  • prescribed medicine;
  • online pharmacies without a license.
  • relevant content to the campaign topic;
  • advertising of dietary supplements on natural components;
  • online pharmacies with a license;
  • organic products;
  • Contraceptive advertising should tell about the contraceptive properties of the product, not about sexual pleasure or stimulation, and should be shown to people aged 18+.

 Radar detectors

  • radar detectors for suppression, jamming and outgoing signals;
  • prohibited in the following countries -            ;
  • equipment that interferes with the functioning of traffic control devices.
  • Radar detectors, configured only for signal reception;
  • only in countries where the use of radar detectors that only receive a signal is legit.


  • energy theft or meter tampering;
  • any other fraudulent schemes;
  • energysavers are banned in the USA.
  • promotion of optimization of energy consumption and stabilization of pressure;
  • uninterruptible power supplies.

 Weapons and explosives

  • explosive substances;
  • Firearms (pistols, rifles, shotguns, hunting rifles, old rifles in the active state, weapons for paintball, pneumatic weapons.);
  • violence propaganda;
  • Knives and other weapons intended for the use of violence;
  • instructions for the manufacture of bombs and other explosive devices, as well as their use for murder or harm.
  • books, self-defense videos;
  • self-defense goods such as: military lights, personal alarms and safety devices, lighting and signaling devices, compasses, tactical pen, credit card - knife;
  • Collector knives, daggers, swords, cutting tools, kitchen knives or sports equipment;
  • Antiquarian weapons, non-working models of weapons, rocket launchers, paintball markers, sights and holsters;
  • the statistics of murders and shooting.