Moderation Flow

This quick guide is to give you clear understanding of our moderation team’s flow and to make sure you are aware of how each of your ad’s elements is considered and how much time moderation step usually takes.

Step 1. Link check

MGID is partnered with GeoEdge a provider of ad security and verification solutions for the online and mobile advertising industry, which helps to detect non-compliant, malware, inappropriate content, data leakage, operational, and/or performance issues.

Link check statuses:

  1. Green - no alerts found
  2. Red - alert detected
  3. Grey - check failed. In such cases, your ads will be sent for scanning again;
  4. Yellow - scanning in progress. Usually it takes up to 1 hour to have the link checked;

To pass moderation, your link should:

  • Correctly lead to final destination URL;
  • Contain content that is relevant to the created ads;
  • Contain no security violations; malware files; phishing attempts; pop-ups which prevent users from exiting the browser; automatic downloads which are done without a user’s consent; automatic redirect to another URL without user’s action.

Step 2. Landing page + Offer page

Moderation team precisely monitors the content on landing and offer pages for its complete compliance with MGID content policies.

All links are checked under the corresponding proxy server in order to verify that users in targeted region see compliant and relevant content through your ads.

All links are checked multiple times to make sure there’s no non-compliant content.

To get your landing page approved, please make sure your landing and offer pages comply with the following policies:

  • Restricted Content, Products and Services
  • Prohibited Content, Products and Services
  • Prohibited Campaign/LP Practices

After a proper check, moderation team set a certain type to your landing page. Check out Landing Page Types Guide(ссылка) to see which type your content can be attached to.


Step 3. Thumbnail image + title

The Moderation team always checks the thumbnail in combination with title to determine ad’s consistency, relevancy and integrity.

To have your ad approved, your thumbnail image should:

  • reflect the content and create the right impression about a product or service;
  • have a permission to be distributed in case it is protected by copyrights;
  • be backed up with affidavit or other legal paper in case it depicts endorsement by noticeable personalities, brands or services;
  • be well cropped - all the elements needed should be included in both rectangular and square crops;

Usage of the following images will lead to your ads rejection:

  • Distorted and low quality images;
  • Cheesy and amateurish images;
  • Images depicting bad Photoshop editing work (e.g. unnecessary red arrows, circles, etc.)
  • Images containing text (unless the language is definable and the text itself is clearly visible);
  • Gruesome images;
  • Revealing, sexually provocative images;
  • Images showing prescribed medicine;
  • Images depicting sexualizing of individuals who look too young;
  • Images linked to the act of smoking or encouraging people to smoke;

Our Thumbnail Guide can provide you with more detailed information on creating a perfect thumbnail.

Headlines, for their part, should meet the following general requirements:

  • Grammar consistency and correct punctuation;
  • Relevancy and accurate reflection of the subject of the landing page;
  • Semantic completeness with no excessive punctuation;

Make sure you explore our Headlines Guide for more specifications and tips in regards of coming up with an acceptable headline.

Moderation timing

Ads in English will be moderated in 24 hours by our moderators in the US.

Ads in Vietnamese also take up to 24 hours to be moderated by our moderators in Vietnam.

Ads in other languages take up to business 72 hours to be reviewed by our native editors and moderated.

However, keep in mind, moderation timing and process falls in accordance to the working shifts of our teams and their respective time zones.

Please note, that if any element of your ad falls under Restricted Content, an additional review by our legal department will be needed, and thus, it will take more time to proceed the moderation


Remoderation feature

If your ad is declined due to landing page or link issues, you have the option to bring your ad back to moderation as soon as the problem has been resolved.


Please note that you are able to do this only once.


After the second rejection for the same link issue, you will need to make the substantial changes of the ad components to send it on moderation. You can also create the new ads, using the correct link with the compliant content. Please mind ads with a status ‘rejected’ cannot be moderated or remoderated.

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