Landing Pages Ranking

Landing pages ranking scale:

  1. G (General Audience)
  2. PG (Parental Guidance)
  3. R (Restricted)
  4. NC17 (No One 17 and Under Admitted)
  5. NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

G Landing Page Characteristics

The landing page should not contain suggestive material of any kind. This includes:

  • images of people showing too much skin (no cleavage, stomach, or above the knee);
  • no provocative language;
  • no mature topics, highly controversial issues, or depictions of any violence (non-cartoon).


PG Landing Page Characteristics

  • no sex-related or promiscuous content;
  • aesthetically pleasing imagery associated with topics such as swimwear (no thongs), body art, and fitness may include skin;
  • particular images and topics for fictional entertainment may include mild violence.

R Landing Page Characteristics Content may include:

  • sexual topics and non-explicit suggestive imagery, as well as violence in news or entertainment media;
  • funny and humorous stuff restricted to the older audience;
  • Parental guidance is suggested to the younger audience.

NC17 Landing Page Characteristics

  • subject matter may be more controversial with strange, odd or scary in a way, but not over the top, imagery;
  • bizarre stories of non-fictional and fictional characters may be included here.

NSFW Landing Page Characteristics

  • content may be sexual in nature, sensational, shocking, or outrageous;
  • creative content does not contain nudity, pornography, erotica, or explicit sex.

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