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Does MGID comply with GDPR?

Being committed to our publishers’ choices regarding GDPR compliance and acknowledging the importance of utilising data without violating consumers’ privacy, we’ve implemented new technical and organizational measures to ensure that our activities fully meet the GDPR’s standards. Moreover, MGID officially…

Mgid Cookie Matching Guide for SSPs

Cookie matching - this is a way of collecting information about the same user by linking his identifiers from different sources. For DSP matching is an important component of an effective purchase, because in this way they can use their existing information about the visitor (retargeting, capping, interests, etc.)

REST API MGID for advertising agencies

REST API for Advertising Agencies allows you to integrate external applications with Mgid online advertising system. API provides the ability to retrieve, add, and modify the data. Practically each object in Mgid (whether it's a client, an advertising company, a teaser, etc.) can be controlled by API. Mgid REST API Request is an HTTP request, which, with the help of the ways in URL the object to perform the action is specified, and with the help of parameters the necessary data is passed.