Integration with the partner system RedTrack

Postback setting algorithm MGID and RedTrack

 1. Log into the MGID dashboard and click on the “add new campaign” button


2.  After the campaign was created go to the campaign settings


In the custom UTM tracking tag register the parameter/macro and save the changes.

click_id = {click_id}

Important point: the click_id you are registering in the MGID dashboard, must have the same values registered in the RedTrack system, which will create the final Postback link.

  1. Go to the conversion sensors – MGID CONVERSION SENSOR

We can add one step, or several, depending on at which stage you need to receive the tracking data.

(Works for product offers only)

We will use the “action – new order” step as an example.

We need to do the following actions step-by-step:

  1. Click on the ADD STEP button [1].
  2. Select the Postback tab [2].
  3. Fill in the name of the event (the desired action that the user must perform on the pre-landing or the landing page, for example – press the “order a product” button or “register”). The name can be any combination of A-Z letters and numbers. It is advisable to specify your ad campaign ID after the action name so that the system can identify the clicks on your advertising campaign.

4. You can find this ID number at the top of the page in the link, after going to the “Campaign Settings” section [3].

5. Fill in the cost of the conversion. This is optional [4].

6. Check if the link has the following parameters: [5]

“c =” – is the click parameter that should return to us in the subform.

Please add e={status} cause we will  assign this parameter to RedTrack and there it is equal to {click_id}

“e =” – an event with a unique campaign number.

“r =” – the amount of revenue, the size of the payout.

4. After that open the RedTrack website and log in.



5. Once you are in your dashboard, go to the traffic sources -> create traffic source.




6. Click on the “Choose from templates” then “MGID


Copy the received postback link on the MGID side and save the settings.

Here’s an example of how the link should look like:{ref_id}&e={status}123456&r={offer_payout}


“c =” – is the click parameter that should return to us in the subform.

Please add c={ref_id} cause we will  assign this parameter to RedTrack and there it is equal to {click_id}

“e =” – an event with a unique campaign number.

“r =” – the amount of revenue, the size of the payout.




7.  Go to the “Offers” section and click on “Create offer”.



It is necessary to fill out the name of the offer, a link to the landing page with the internal click id of RedTrack is sent, for example.{clickid}.

If Revenue passed, then please fill in the Payment field. Affiliate network will be offered.

Note: if the Revenue tabis not using, the Payout field must be = 0.




8. Creating the New Campaign



Traffic - choose the traffic source

Redirect - type of the RedTrack redirection to the Landing Page

Offer - choose the offer that you've created before

Campaign URL - will appear after the campaign will be saved.



It will need to be mentioned in the links to your ad in the Dashboard MGID.



Here is the example how your campaign setting should look like:





9. Sending a Postback URL to RedTrack and testing it.

After managing MGID Dashboard and RedTrack settings, the Client should set up a Postback URL of the Client’s website or landing page within Redtrack. Postback to RedTrack is sent via a POST request. The Client can find the link to the request (Campaign URL) in the Campaign settings. (paragraph 2.2 of this manual). The link might look like this:{click_id}&txid={event}&payout={revenue}


clickid – RedTrack’s internal click_id. It is added to the tail of a link after re-directing;

txid – transaction id. It identifies the Postback’s goal (interest, desire, or action).

payout – an optional parameter. It is used for sending the revenue generated by a conversion.

The Client can find any convenient solution for sending Postback to RedTrack. An example of this would be using JavaScript at the Client’s site or PHP on the server.



Checking the postback settings


After finishing setting up on the RedTrack side, go to the MGID dashboard to check our settings.

You will not be charged for the verification clicks. They also do not go into the statistics.

To test the settings do the following steps:

  1. In the MGID dashboard, click on the “Ads” icon with the notepad image.


  1. Click on the link under the teaser



  1. After going through the link you need to perform the targeted action: order, subscribe, register, etc. The test conversion is displayed in the “conversion” column.

The test conversion will be displayed in the summary statistics of the account and will be indicated as:



4. In the RedTrack system, you can go to the “Dashboard” section and select the required additional parameter with the specified date. Click on Report



And choose parameters: