Integration with the partner system

Postback Algorithm Settings

1. Add a campaign in the Dashboard

2. In the “conversion sensors” section, select 1 to 3 conversion stages (interest, desire, action). You can either create a new stage or choose an existing one.

Click the “Add stage” button [1].

Select the Postback tab [2]

After that, you'll be prompted to use a custom UTM mark-up, but you don't need to add anything there, so press “No”.

Fill in the name of the event [3] (this can be any combination of A-Z letters and numbers).

Fill in the conversion cost (optional) [4]

Copy the received postback link on the MGID side [5]

Save the settings [6]

3. Log into the client's dashboard

4. Go to the "Offers" tab [1], and select the required Offer from the list [2].

5. In the offer settings select the Subaccounts/Land-Preland tab [1].

In the Subaccounts/Land-Preland tab you'll see Subaccount 1,2,3,4 etc. [2]

These parameters will be transferred after clicking on the teasers. The only parameter required for postback is {click_id}.

Fill it out in the Subaccount 1 field.

Choose the landings [3], which will be displayed after clicking the teaser link.

IMPORTANT: pay attention to the offer conditions (Action flow) [4].