Integration algorithms for Indoleads partner

1. Add an ad campaign to Dashboard



2. Conversion Sensors section
Here we add from 1 to 3 conversion stages (Interest, Desire, Action) by ADD STEP, stage (goal), you can choose an existing or a new one



We need to do the following actions step-by-step:

  1. Add a stage (goal) by clicking on the "Add Step" button
  2. Select the Postback tab

After selecting the Postback tab, you will be prompted to use custom UTM markup, we refuse, there is nothing to add.

  1. Fill the name of the event (where buy123456- as an example, and the required value is taken from Indoleads here)

event - name of the triggered event (pending, declined, approved, overaged)

  1. Fill in the cost of the conversion. This is optional
  2. Check if the link has the following parameters:

"c =" - is the click parameter that should return to us in the sub form.

"e =" - an event with a unique campaign number.

"r =" - the amount of revenue, the size of the payout.

Copy the received postback link on the MGID side

  1. Save the settings

Postback URL:{p1}&e={status}123456&r={payout}

*123456 - this is a unique parameter for our system (for example, campaign ID), which together with the status of the event will be transmitted to our system.


3. Indoleads affiliate Network. Open the your dashboard of Indoleads affiliate network


In the Account section, select Promotion Methods and check the option you need.

In the My websites section, specify as the Traffic Source

4. Go to the "Offers" section





Select the desired offer, and press button "View"









5. Setting up the Tracking.
Now we need to set up the offer’s tracking link. For this click on the button

After check the field Source.





Choose needed source and press button

Additional parameters - > Add sub Ids




to Sub1 should be added our macro {click_id} and press the button





These are the parameters will be transferred data to the Indoleads platform once the click will be done on the teaser.

The most required parameter for postback is {click_id} which should be added to Sub1.

Choose the landing page/prelander, which will be displayed when you click on the link of your teaser.


Copy ready tracking link and paste it in the field for URL at MGID platform

Important! The link should begin with https: //





6. Scroll down to Postback field

Press the button and paste our postback url:{p1}&e={status}123456&r={payout}

*123456 - this is a unique parameter for our system (for example, campaign ID), which together with the status of the event will be transmitted to our system.





{p1} - macro, mentioned at the point 5, will be passing to MGID сlick_id

{status} - order status value (pending, declined, approved, overaged)

Save settings.

After saving, the postback is sent for approval to your manager.


Check Postback URL setting at the MGID Dashboard

This opportunity was made to check immediately whether postback works correctly on both sides. To do test conversion highly recommended, clicks are not counted, money for them is not debited, and the verification data does not go to statistics.
There is the opportunity to check Postback integartion:

Go to the MGID Dashboard, choose your campaign, find column “ ACTIONS”, press button “ADS





find the link under the teazer, go through the link and do test conversion, means





to make the target action (Order, Subscribe, Register, etc.), in our case, Confirm the order (step 5 of the instruction).
Within 15 minutes, the test conversion will be displayed in the total statistics of the client’s account (test transactions are displayed in brackets):





At Indoleads platform, you can also see conversion statistics by going to the Reports tab -> Conversion log. Select period and other required values