How to Create Ads in Bulk?

Now, you can upload teasers in bulk to our system using the Import button on the teasers list page. There you can upload a CSV file with a list of pages that you want to create.


Teasers will be created using tags from these pages, provided that there are og or meta tags of the Title, Description, and a link to an image of size 600 x 400 or more.

You can download no more than 20 links at a time.



When processing, the progress bar line will indicate the number of processed files and how many files are still being processed.

During the processing of the file, teasers are reviewed in the same way as when they are created individually. If all the fields are filled in and the verification has been successful, an ad is created.

You will also receive a message regarding the number of successfully created teasers and those which were not uploaded successfully.

In the same abovementioned message, a link is present. When you click on the link, an import report will appear, which contains a detailed report on why some ads were not created.

Reasons why ads may have not been created:

  • no meta tags of the Title or Description 
  • an inappropriate image format or lack of it
  • the prohibited practice of creating a site to which the link points 
  • an attempt to create ads on the site specified in the link
  • an ad with an existing title 
  • an interruption of file processing.