How to add teasers in MGID Dashboard?

How to add teasers in MGID Dashboard

To add an advertisement it is necessary in the "ADVERTISERS" tab to select an advertising campaign for which an advertisement will be added and go to the ads icon 



If you are already on the page with a list of advertisements for an advertising campaign, click on the button "CREATE NEW AD" for adding.



Assisted in the training, click here



Then, please fill in the opened form.



In order to produce the highest quality creatives for readers to enjoy, we ask each client to check out our Content Policies and Creatives Guidelines before adding creatives to a campaign.

Ads in other languages than English are moderated up to business 72 hours. These ads are marked as ‘proofread pending’. It means language is being checked for accuracy by native speakers.

The ad, without activity for 3 months, will be automatically deleted.

Preface/advertising text length:

  • content promotion - max 65 characters;
  • product promotion - max 65 characters.

Creative size is 492x328